North Country Hospital

**Statement of Purpose**

Responsible for the daily operations and management of the hospital’s Accounts

Receivable/Revenue Cycle Operations. Plans for the future direction of the Patient Financial

Services department. Coordinates billing, and credit & collections procedures. Oversees

Patient Access and Health Information Management departments. In collaboration with the managers of PA and HIM departments, implements new programs and procedures to improve services, operations, and efficiency within the Revenue Cycle team. Responds to changes within the institution and the external environment. Establishes annual department goals and provides the overall direction regarding patient fiscal services priorities and standards.

**Essential Functions, Duties and Responsibilities**

Reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer.

Responsible for overall development and compliance of policies and procedures of all areas of patient financials services.

Maintain appropriate internal controls over accounts receivable and cash receipt functions.

Provides guidance and supervision of PFS staff, billing office, and Credit & Collections, and Patient Registration departments through the establishment of goals for performance standards and monitoring of results. Holds regular staff meetings in order to achieve operating results consistent with department and hospital goals.

Interprets and evaluates the impact of the departments and the appropriate response or strategy of the departments to the problems, changing conditions, and issues that confront the departments on an ongoing basis.

Determines appropriate operational changes and coordinates procedural and systems changes as necessary.

Ensures that personnel policies are followed, and consistency is attained through meetings with management, participation in staff meetings, and review of evaluations and disciplinary documents.

Provides for thorough follow-through and resolution of complaints or problems received from patients, staff, other departments, administration, or medical staff.

Assists in preparation of the annual budgets for assigned departments.

Participate in professional activities and maintain professional affiliations as appropriate.

Represents the department on interdepartmental projects and committees.

Oversees work schedules, assignments, and time and attendance.

Reviews, recommends changes in status, salary.

Interviews perspective supervisory and clerical employees and recommends hiring.

Oversees/determines cross-utilization of staff.

Oversees the renewal of maintenance, service, and support contracts for patient fiscal services.

Ensures that patients are served in a tactful, efficient manner.

**Job Requirements**

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field and a minimum of 5 years supervisory experience, or Certification in Medical Billing with 5 years medical billing/supervisory experience. Understanding of systems and procedures relating to Accounts Receivable Management. Must understand communications technology. Must have good supervisory skills. Coding Certification preferred. A neat appearance is mandatory due to the public relations nature of the position. Requires strong computer skills.