North Country Hospital

**Statement of Purpose**

Under the direct supervision of the Food Service Supervisor, the Diet Aide performs The

function of cash register operations, washes pots and pans, performs a variety of food service,

situation, and other tasks related to the preparation service and delivery of meals to all patient

age groups, including infants, children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations.

**Essential Functions, Duties and Responsibilities**

* Prepares cafeteria counter for each meal and morning and afternoon break as assigned.
* Ensures that all containers are stocked with dishes, trays, silverware, cups, etc. and are readily
* available.
* Displays desserts and other plated foods, checks for quality and attractiveness.
* Fills and stocks food items in the cafeteria; aids in refilling these throughout the meal service.
* Serves employees and guests in the cafeteria line; greets patrons cheerfully and respectfully
* giving directions and information as needed.
* Supports newborn/toddler and parent (s) in care during feeding; encourages child to
* communicate by smiling, talking softly, etc.
* With support of parents, let child make some food choices; encourage child to ask questions.
* Be respectful of adolescent patient’s opinions about various foods; guide patient in selection of
* proper foods.
* Insure clear identification of geriatric patient; speak clearly and loudly enough to insure patient
* understanding of what’s being said.
* Labels foods accurately before storage according to procedure.
* Observes proper portion control standards using the correct utensil or equipment for accurate
* measurement.
* Operates cash register and maintains security according to standard procedure. Collects cash,
* meal tickets, and guest tickets; makes change as needed.
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* Responsibly handles all monetary transactions. Locks cash register when leaving the immediate
* area.
* Fills out cash register audit form precisely, including cash and/or meal tickets and beginning
* cash balance.
* Records number of patrons for each meal–hospital employees and guests.
* Cleans tables and chairs in the cafeteria as needed and after each meal, as assigned according to
* procedure.
* Prepares the menu board for the successive meal, as assigned.
* Prevents run-outs of all food items by informing cooks ahead of time of those items needed.
* Ensures that proper temperatures are maintained in the deli and salad bar, and 2-door
* refrigerator, display case and vending machine; reports discrepancies from standard to
* supervisor.
* Maintains work area in a clean, neat, orderly manner.
* Respects infection control practices when handling food, equipment, or utensils.
* Prepares trays for nurses and physicians, as needed.
* Performs cleaning duties assigned by supervisor.
* Prepares night nurses’ cart.
* Assists dishroom diet aide in sorting and returning dishes to work area.
* Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing cafeteria equipment.
* Maintains positive guest relations spirit when interacting with others.
* Washes and sanitizes pots and pans according to procedure.
* Stores clean pots, pans, and utensils to proper work area according to procedure.
* Assembles cold food station for tray line.
* Works the starter station on trayline, placing items on tray, carefully and neatly.
* Prepares hs nourishments for patients.
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* Answers telephone, takes accurate messages, and relays information to the Food Service
* Supervisor.
* Delivers patient trays as assigned, assuring accurate delivery.
* ServSafe is requirement with in the first year of employment; certification will be retaken every
* three to five years. Use all PPD’s as needed including cutting gloves daily and glove use with all
* food contact.
* Stores food and supplies on Monday and Thursday.
* The above statement reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the principal
* functions of the job as identified and shall not be considered as a detailed descriptions of all
* work requirements that may be inherent in the position.

**Job Requirements**

High school graduate. Must be able to do simple arithmetic and follow instructions. Up to three months of on-the-job training is usually sufficient to learn normal daily routine for two position assignments.